In the spirit of open-source and free access to education, I will be updating this page with various resources on sustainable thinking. Sustainability is a H U G E space, so this is just going to be a small drop in the ocean! Most of the resources will be on Responsible Consumption & Production, an SDG that I am interested in.

Consider this just one of the few grazing lands where we can share for greater good.


Elkington J “Cannibals with forks: the triple bottomline of 21st century business”. Elkington is often described as a “true green business guru”. He also came up with the term “Triple Bottomline” for the 3 Ps that businesses should be responsible for (People, Planet and Profits)

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The Commons Transition Primer Sustainability is not possible without a deep and vibrant democracy. Otherwise it just ends up being bad ole “lip service”. One of the key principles of sustainability is an understanding that we share our rights in society and our environmental resources with diverse groups. Sustainability at the most fundamental level needs all diversity to be well-represented. Remember, there is no sustainability when only ONE VOICE is heard. This site will take you through an interesting concept of undoing the tragedy of the commons.

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